If you’re a company recruiting for a developer/sysadmin skill set, here’s what you should know about me (besides what’s on my resumé) and what I seek in a job.

Please note: most of the qualifiers listed here are open to discussion but only if everything else aligns extremely well. When in doubt, please reach out and we can discuss.


I enjoy a variety of operations roles, with a high-level emphasis on:

  • improving engineer quality of life
  • automating and improving workflows
  • creating or improving visibility
  • removing technical debt

There are many ways to effect the above, but I often focus on specific operational areas, including but not limited to:

  • developer tools, whether CLI, chat, or web-based
  • build and deploy pipelines
  • metrics, graphing and dashboards
  • logging and event streams (often tied together with the previous bullet)
  • configuration management and its close cousin truth databases
  • documentation systems

My open source

I maintain popular open source projects (themselves depended upon by thousands of others) and wish to continue that work. It’s challenging yet fulfilling, and allows me to make a difference in the automation/tooling world.

Doing so requires a nontrivial time commitment and is not sustainable alongside a high-stress, 40+ hours-a-week day job. I seek companies which understand using volunteer software is a two-way street and value giving back to open source by subsidizing developer time.

Ideally, I’d spend a day or two a week (on average) maintaining/developing my open source projects, improving the ecosystem used by myself and my colleagues. The rest of the time would be spent directly contributing to the success of my employer.


The following should describe you, the company:

  • You should support remote work or have an office in San Francisco or Oakland.
    • This does not include Silicon Valley; I live in the outer East Bay so a Peninsula commute isn’t feasible.
    • I’m OK with occasional air travel.
  • Your leadership should believe in the importance of intelligently managing technical debt.
    • Balancing development speed with sustainability is difficult, but ignoring or paying lip service to it only leads to unhappy, burnt-out staff and lowered quality of service for customers.
  • You have a positive, non-exclusionary culture that values empathy.
    • Ideally, you’ll have a proven commitment to hiring disadvantaged/marginalized groups of people.
    • However, my main requirement is a lack of toxic or “techbro” employees. If I’m spending mental energy arguing with people (literally or figuratively) that’s energy not spent on your product.

Let’s talk!

If nothing above sounds like a deal-breaker, please contact me, preferably via email at jeff [at] bitprophet [dot] org. Thanks!