After many years of procrastination, I finally got off my duff and set up Let’s Encrypt for my domain – with my OSS domains soon to follow (though those already had SSL for all but the apex domain bounces, courtesy of Read the Docs).

You should now be seeing https URLs for all pages on this site, and be redirected to https if you access the http versions.

From cloud to ocean

I’ve also migrated hosts from Rackspace Cloud to Digital Ocean, which so far has been exceedingly pleasant. RSC wasn’t “bad” per se but Rackspace-the-company has diverged quite a ways from its early/mid 2010s OSS-supporting days, and I’ve continued to hear nothing but good things about DO. The latter supports just about everything I needed at the former & more besides, with a much more pleasant control panel experience to boot.

For now, I simply recreated a manual VPS to largely match the old one (albeit much newer versions of OS and packages) but I’ll probably try out their app platform or managed k8s someday.