Deciding when to release software can be difficult. Releasing after every patch or merge is typically too much, though some argue otherwise: it depends how you define “often” in “release early, release often”.

The other options are “whenever you feel like it” and “have a specific schedule”.

Until now I’ve always gone with that middle option, waiting until a large-enough set of changes had piled up to merit a new release.

However, it’s too easy to lose track or forget when the last release was, and I frequently end up releasing months apart - even when steady work is done in between.

This is non-ideal, so I’m setting myself a note to put out new releases every Friday (provided there is anything to release). We’ll see how it goes!

Today’s releases:

  • Fabric 1.6.2: Various bugfixes, a few targeting upload_template.
  • Fabric 1.7.0: In-memory key support, optional colorized errors, detailed task help output, and more besides.
  • Paramiko 1.10.2: one minor fix to improve clarity during known_hosts parse errors.
  • Paramiko 1.11.0: a couple Windows-oriented agent fixes/changes, plus an improvement to how we update known_hosts.