Obligatory 2015 Year-In-Review Post

I’ve been horrid about blogging lately, but didn’t want 2015 to pass with exactly zero posts. First is an open source review/update (the good & the bad), with some more personal topics afterwards. If you’re the skimming type, I bolded the important bits.

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The Maintenance Continuum

Some quick thoughts based on recent Twitter conversations about Python version support in OSS projects, presented in (ironically, given the topic) lazy bullet list format.

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Project Updates

A bunch of notes about Paramiko, Fabric and Invoke, such as their websites, their Python 3 support, and more! With copious exclamation points!

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Project Website Musings

Most open source projects store documentation in the source repo itself. This is easy to do, allows the doc builder to reference in-code documentation (like Python docstrings), makes contributions from others simpler, etc.

However, it doesn’t always play nice with “meta” information such as how to contribute, project roadmap, and so forth. Read more

Open Source Friday: 2013-09-20

Life has continued to conspire against me, but this particular Friday I successfully wrested some time from other responsibilities and put out a couple of releases.

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A Better Changelog

Changelogs are a frequently overlooked aspect of software release management. I’m going to outline the different approaches to keeping them, and describe a dumb yak shave I undertook to improve the situation for my own projects.

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The Why & When of Software Releases

In my previous blog post I mentioned that I intend to begin a regimen of smaller, more frequent releases in my open source projects. Afterwards, I started thinking more about what this meant and how software release schedules work in general. This is the result.

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Open Source Friday: 2013-07-26

Deciding when to release software can be difficult. Releasing after every patch or merge is typically too much, though some argue otherwise: it depends how you define “often” in “release early, release often”.

The other options are “whenever you feel like it” and “have a specific schedule”.

Until now I’ve always gone with that middle option, waiting until a large-enough set of changes had piled up to merit a new release. Read more

Clustering Graphite


Graphite is a popular metrics collection, storage & graphing tool. Unfortunately, clear info on how it works in a cluster configuration is hard to come by. I’ve done a lot of reading on the topic and want to share the result.

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OSS Releases for March 1st 2013

Some quick release-note style announcements for Fabric and Paramiko!

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