If you’re looking for an experienced developer/sysadmin, here’s what you should know about me (besides what’s on my resumé) and what I seek in a job.


I typically enjoy operations (aka “devops”) and developer productivity roles, with an emphasis on:

  • improving developer quality of life
  • automating and improving workflows
  • creating visibility
  • removing technical debt
  • enhancing toolchain security

The above can take many forms, including (but not limited to):

  • developer tools
  • build and/or deployment pipelines
  • metrics, graphing and dashboards
  • log/event streams
  • secrets management
  • configuration management and containers
  • documentation

Work ethic

As a perfectionist who often works with legacy codebases, I see the future pain we engender by cutting corners, and focus on producing sustainable results instead of speed. This doesn’t mean I can’t meet deadlines or make judgement calls – I’m simply less willing to forego tests, documentation, or forward-looking code.


Like any good operations person, I’m comfortable with a polyglot existence; however Python remains my language & ecosystem of choice and I’m unlikely to be happy if I’m not using it at least some of the time.

Open source

I maintain popular open source projects and wish to continue doing so. However, that work isn’t sustainable as a spare-time hobby, so I seek employers which use or are willing to use some of my projects or otherwise value giving back to the community by subsidizing some of my time.

Ideally, I’ll spend 0.5-1.0 days per week (on average) on OSS maintenance, whether as part of my regular duties or as dedicated time.


The following should describe you, the company:

  • You’re comfortable with partial-to-full remote work, e.g.:
    • Fully distributed teams;
    • Office-based teams allowing working remotely 2-3 days/week;
    • Offices located where short commutes don’t imply high home prices.
  • If you require living near an office, you’re located within the United States – ideally San Francisco or its East Bay, but I’m willing to relocate for the right job.
    • This doesn’t include Silicon Valley, which is too far from me for a public transit commute and lacks affordable+walkable towns.
  • You demonstrably believe in periodically paying down technical debt instead of rushing ahead to the next feature milestone.
  • You have a low-stress on-call rotation. Signs may include:
    • On-call staff aren’t responsible for normal duties during their on-call period.
    • Engineers feel empowered to address noisy pages’ root cause within a reasonable timeframe.
    • Non-ops engineers participate in rotation or escalation.
  • You have a positive, non-exclusionary culture which values empathy.
    • Ideally, you’ll have a commitment to hiring and empowering disadvantaged or marginalized groups.
    • You lack toxic or “techbro” employees.

Let’s talk!

If nothing above sounds like a deal-breaker, please contact me, preferably via email at jeff [at] bitprophet [dot] org. Thanks!