It’s been brought to my attention that I screwed up the RSS/Atom feed for this site during last year’s redesign - in a couple of ways! Thus, most feed readers haven’t picked up on new posts.


  • The old feed location was /atom.xml, while Hugo appears to hardcode it to /index.xml (though it does, nicely, generate one of these for every non-blog page and every blog category page). This was probably the main culprit.
    • I’ve updated my deploy process to generate an extra /atom.xml from the /index.xml and it now appears to work correctly in sites like Newsblur and Inoreader.
    • For now, this only applies to the main/top-level feed, but I think that covers pretty much all feed subscribers.
  • The main HTML pages’ header <link rel="alternate" ...> tag used for feed autodiscovery, had a double slash in it due to a template mishap. This may have been preventing updated discovery of the newer feed URL; it’s hard to say.
    • Either way, it’s been fixed.

Please get in touch (comments, email, twitter, etc) if you subscribe and are still having issues. Thanks!