Along with some general site maintenance in preparation for another big announcement (!), I wanted to note that I’ve started a ‘reviews’ section of the site’s static content. Mostly to port over something that had lived in my private vimwiki and that I’d been exporting as a Github gist; content living in a gist always feels dirty to me, especially when I have an ostensibly easy to use website…

Specifically, say hi to my big dumb list of kung-fu and other martial arts films. Went on a research bender a while back because I realized I loved martial arts but had barely seen any such films, including almost any classics.

The resulting list is basically what seemed like a best-of-the-best, tailored for my own particular tastes (such as they are).

I also updated this blog section to mark previous review-y content (though much of it is draft-only right now…meh) with a new reviews category; whether I’ll migrate that data into the static reviews section, hasn’t been decided yet. I like the idea of reviewing ‘via’ blog posts, so I may leave the reviews ‘section’ for big lists of tiny reviews like the kung fu page - we’ll see.