The next round of Paramiko releases is now out on PyPI, including – as previewed here – 2.0!

The releases

There are four lights releases this time around:

  • Two bugfix releases for the previous stable release lines, with quite a few fixes & support enhancements: 1.15.5, 1.16.1
  • One minor (literally & figuratively) feature release: 1.17.0
  • One major release, switching our backend from PyCrypto to PyCA Cryptography (plus a bonus update to ECDSA key support, which required the former): 2.0.0

As usual, huge thanks to everyone involved with all of these!1.

Git tags update (attention packagers!)

Since before my involvement, Paramiko has used a v prefix to denote release tags, e.g. v1.7.7.1. I kept this up when I took over, since breaking that sort of convention willy-nilly is usually a headache for package maintainers and the like.

A 2.0 release is a good time to migrate away from historical baggage; as such, 2.0.0’s release tag has no v (it’s just 2.0.0), and I’ve pushed unprefixed versions of all historical tags to Github (leaving the originals in place) for consistency’s sake. Pre-2.0 releases will continue to get both styles of tags.

Continuation of 1.x support

Speaking of pre-2.0 releases, we will continue to put out bugfixes for 1.16 and 1.17 until we’re satisfied that the 2.0 line is stable enough. Feature work will be limited to the 2.x line (i.e. that’s what master on Github is now) so the next feature release will be 2.1.

  1. Apologies to the folks behind 2.0.0 for finally merging their PR, then spending an unanticipated extra ~week banging on my changelog library so I could actually call something “2.0.0”. ↩︎