Just some quick announcements this time!


A bugfix release to Paramiko 1.8 is out, specifically Paramiko 1.8.1. It’s up on PyPI as usual. The changelog is here. No public Fabric releases ever relied on this Paramiko release line, so it’s mostly there for non-Fabric users.

More importantly, Paramiko 1.9.0 was released (PyPI), bringing with it low level support for both direct-tcpip and ProxyCommand based gateways. For details/background, see yesterday’s post.


Fabric 1.4.4 (PyPI) is out and contains a handful of bugfixes, albeit nothing critical.

Fabric 1.5.0 (PyPI) contains a large number of new features and bugfixes, including Fabric-level support for the new gateway features in Paramiko 1.9 (which it requires.)

Docs changes

As of Fabric 1.5 I have tweaked the docs hosting to build documentation off the 1.5 release branch, and not to build from individual release tags.

This will make ad-hoc doc fixes far easier to manage; previously we had to rebuild and re-upload the docs by hand when errors cropped up, which was error prone and caused layout differences as well.