Some quick release-note style announcements for Fabric and Paramiko!

Fabric 1.5.4

Just a normal bugfix release; the changes are, as usual, all lines between the 1.5.3 and 1.5.4 lines in the 1.5 changelog.

Fabric 1.6.0

Lots of good stuff here, including SSH tunneling, SSH config file parsing fixes (more below), command execution timeouts, and much more. See all lines between the 1.5.0 and 1.6.0 lines in the 1.6 changelog.

Paramiko automatic benefits + requirement bump

As per below, Paramiko 1.10 is out, and is required for some of the new features in Fabric 1.6 (such as SSH tunnelling). Fabric users will also benefit automatically from some changes to Paramiko such as faster SFTP put() calls and deferred FQDN resolution.

It also brings some large changes to how SSH config files are parsed – Paramiko 1.9 made some changes but not all were accurate; this new code should be much more in line with man ssh_config.

Due to these fixes, anybody using SSH config file parsing in Fabric may see some behavior changes. We normally push backwards incompatible changes to the next major release, but in this case we’re considering this a “large bugfix” due to the previous behavior being incorrect.

Fabric 1.5.4 can still use Paramiko 1.9, but should be capable of utilizing Paramiko 1.10, including these fixes to SSH config parsing.

Paramiko 1.10

Paramiko got a lot of changes in the last few months, both to support the above Fabric features and general features + fixes; for details please see the 1.10 section of the NEWS file. I also want to specifically thank Olle Lundberg for his help on a number of tickets, including but not limited to the SSH config overhaul.