About Me


My name’s Jeff. I’m a computer guy, both personally and professionally, specializing in Python and Ruby development and Unix systems administration.

Most recently I’ve been mixing the two disciplines, writing development tools to make administration easier and more automated. The catchy label for this is “DevOps”, but all that matters is that it lets me do two complimentary things I love.

Why you might know me

I am best known for maintaining the popular open source SSH scripting library, Fabric, and for co-authoring a well-received book on the Django Web framework. Details available in my resumé.

Where I am, and have been

Born in the early 80s, raised and educated in Western Massachusetts through the turn of the century, I spent the ’00s in the New York/New Jersey metro area, and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2011. At the time of this writing I am trying to adapt to the idea of a snowless winter.

Where (else) to find me online

My email address is jeff [at] bitprophet [dot] org. And as you can probably guess, my online moniker is bitprophet. It’s my username at the following Internet watering holes:

I go by my real name at Google+, which I use occasionally. (I’m one of those curmudgeons which refuse to use Facebook, but since I already had a Google account…)

In the past I’ve identified as “Cyrus” and can still be found using that name at MetaFilter and the FFVII Citadel (which I used to run, way back.)

Thanks for reading

I’ll update this space in the future with information about my hobbies/interests, favorite technologies (and why I use them), and so forth.